crafty-jan-s-llc-logo.pngOur owner at Crafty Jan's, LLC has always been fond of crafting projects. As a child, Jan recalls her mother never wanting to buy store-bought doll clothes. Instead, she told Jan if she wanted these items, she would need to learn how to make them. Little did she know that this would ignite her passion for crafting. At the tender age of 11, she began making dolls' clothes from her mother's fabric remnants. Over time, she began crafting custom crocheted blankets, handmade bowls, and more. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m., Central Time.

Stitching the Pieces Together

A few years later, she watched her mom crochet and expressed her interest in doing the same. She wanted to add some nice designs to her dolls' clothes and her mom lovingly taught her the basics. Once Jan mastered crocheting, she bought various patterns to apply at home. She remembers those years fondly.

Introduction To Knitting

When it came to knitting, Jan recalls that no one in her family ever picked up the hobby, but she was determined to learn. As luck would have it, a bitter cold snap lasted for almost a week in her hometown and Jan and her classmates were stuck inside during recess. To keep the students occupied, her teacher offered to teach basic knitting techniques to anyone interested.

Honing Her Talent

After this crash course, Jan started doing custom creations at home. Her mom once again saw her drive and made it a point of duty to nurture these talents. She took Jan to the store and bought supplies, including pattern books, yarn, and needles.

Real-World Applications

Later in her childhood, Jan learned how to sew clothing. Not only was this a great pastime for Jan, it became a wonderful way for her to expand her wardrobe as a teenager. She has taken these practical skills with her through college years. It has also rolled over in her jobs, marriage, and family life, as she's been able to supplement her clothing and home budget by making her own items. Crafting items that can't be found in stores is one of the main reasons Jan has made a business out of her hobby. Serving clients in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and all across the nation, you can order distinct pieces to use or display.